Ari Erle

Winemaker - 16 Harvests - 96-100 pt. Wines


Ari Erle acquired his winemaking experience while working at some of the most sought after, 'cult' wineries in Napa Valley. But it wasn't at O'Shaughnessy Winery, or at Colgin Cellars, where he worked previously, that he found his passion for wine.  It was while biking through Central America and observing the locals’ agricultural connection to the land that Ari realized his deep connection to the Land of Israel and discovered a passion to work with the land to create something unique.


Ari was born at Travis Air Force Base, very close to Napa Valley, where he spent much of his childhood.  It was through his parents’ adventures in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys that Ari became enchanted and intrigued by the world of wine and winemaking.  It was also through his parents’ love for Israel that he became motivated to spend his freshman year of college in Israel.


During that year in Israel, Ari fell in love with the land and the people of Israel, and developed a passion for the country that led him to join the Israeli Paratroopers Brigade and build a life in Israel.  His appreciation of the land brought Ari to the Jewish National Fund (JNF), where he organized programs to plant trees and establish forests while at the same time earning a Bachelors of Political Science at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  Politics, culture, society and their connection to the land itself can be taught in the university, but it was only in the course of a bicycle trip through Central America that Ari fully understood the true value of living by the land.


When Ari realized that he could combine his passion for the land of Israel with his passion for quality wine, he decided to make a career change and come full circle back to his birthplace to study Viticulture and Enology in the Napa Valley.  It was always clear to Ari that winemaking involves much more than the technical and management skills: it requires a real love of the land and its bounty.  


Ari has worked at such famous wineries as Clos Du Val, Elizabeth Spencer, O’Shaughnessy Winery and Colgin Cellars and most recently helped purchase one of the most sought after vineyards in the Napa Valley on Pritchard Hill (9 Suns).  As winemaker and project manager, Ari facilitated the purchase, vineyard management, winemaking and marketing for the owners.  In addition to Ari's winemaking projects (which included development of his own International Wine Label), he also developed and maintained a wine club and distribution of Israeli wines in the U.S.


Years of work in the vineyards of Napa taught Ari much more about winemaking than can ever be learned in the classroom and it is that experience that he wishes to share with fellow wine lovers.  Many of the wines that Ari helped produce scored between 96-100 points with Robert Parker, year after year.  After over eight harvests with some of the best wineries and vineyards in the Napa Valley, Ari and his family decided to return to Israel to bring back his experience to the quickly growing wine industry there.  Today, Ari resides on Moshav Givat Nili in the middle of what some call 'The Israeli Tuscany,' where he consults for up-and-coming wineries in Israel.  Ari was instrumental in building, new, iconic wineries in Israel, which include, Bat Shlomo Vineyards, Jezreel Valley Winery, and Covenant Israel.  It is Ari's dream and goal to bring the Israeli wine scene to the same quality levels of the Napa Valley.  Part of realizing this dream includes teaching young winemakers at the Ohalo College for winemaking and winery in Katzrin, Israel.  Ari’s expertise is helping boutique wineries find their identity and branding through their wine and story.

כמומחה ליין ומנהל פרויקטים, ארי עבד בין השאר עם יקבים מפורסמים כמו colgin  Clos Du Val ,Elizabeth Spencer ו-O'Shaughnessy, סייע בתהליך רכישת הכרמים הנחשקים ב-Pritchard Hill (כיום יקב Nine Suns), יצר את מותג היין הבינלאומי שלו על שם משפחתו, הקים וניהל מועדון יין, והפיץ יינות ישראלים בכל רחבי ארה"ב. רבים מהיינות שהוא סייע ליצור קיבלו את הניקוד המצטיין של 96-100 עם רוברט פרקר, שנה אחר שנה.


האהבה שלו ליין, חקלאות וחדשנות, הביאה אותו לחפש אחר מקום שישלב את כל אלו לכדי חזון אחד. ב-2010 הוא חזר לארץ עם משפחתו כדי להביא את הניסיון שצבר לתעשיית היין המקומית, אז עוד תעשייה צעירה וצומחת. הם התיישבו במושב גבעת ניל"י, בלב מה שארי שנקרא "הטוסקנה הישראלית", והוא החל לייעץ ליקבים בארץ. 

בין השאר ארי עזר לבנות יקבים חדשים, כמו בת שלמה ביחד עם היזם הסדרתי אלי וורטמן, עמק יזרעאל וקובננט ישראל, והחל ללמד ייננים צעירים במכללת אוהלו בקצרין. ארי אף היה מעורב לאורך השנים בפרויקטים חדשניים לקידום היינות המקומיים, כמו:


מעל ל-16 שנים של עבודה בכרמים בארץ ובחו"ל לימדו את ארי הרבה יותר על עשיית יין מאשר למידה בכיתה, ואת הניסיון הזה הוא רוצה לחלוק עם השחקנים בתעשיית היין המקומית בשירותי הייעוץ ההוליסטיים שלו. ארי מביא את הניחוח הבינלאומי לשוק היין המקומי, עם שיטות גידול וייצור ברות-קיימא שמתאימות ליינות ים-תיכוניים, והמומחיות שלו היא לסייע ליקבי בוטיק למצוא את הזהות הייחודית שלהם. 


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